The guy scolded the remainder due to their childishness and you will demanded in their mind to take new shown positively

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The guy scolded the remainder due to their childishness and you will demanded in their mind to take new shown positively

Prologue – Brand new Fighters out of Promise

Nagisa very first looked just like the Fighters from Vow took more than an effective news systems studio, as they began playing with you of your own dead journalist. But not, their perform were not paid attention to, in which he went away from the “zombie” including Kotoko whenever Masaru and you can Jataro come to chase them, until the guy tripped. He was next viewed out to along side it together with his arms entered while the Monaca addressed your camera.

He had been afterwards seen to the almost every other Warriors out of Guarantee when you look at the an element of the hallway, bringing up his reputation away from “Li’l Best Public Education” and admonishing Masaru for bragging regarding the his condition since commander. When Monaca showed up, the guy moved straightened out on her behalf to acceptance Komaru. He rushed the team introducing themselves and you will shown a primary reaction to Komaru writing about him as the children. The guy informed her you to ages didn’t number, provided you have energy. The guy comforted Monaca when Komaru disturb the woman and you may explained you to she is the target of the next game from Demon Bing search. He and additionally mentioned that he was to start with from the online game, because there are a great deal more are completed to establish the kid’s heaven, but he chose to assist to your consult off Monaca. Shortly once Slave turned up and put the brand new Monokuma bracelet towards Komaru, Nagisa plus the almost every other Fighters established a trap-door, and you may Komaru fell back down to your Towa City. A while later, he cheered and you can chuckled in addition to the other Warriors of Vow from inside the expectation towards video game, stating that Komaru might possibly be worth an extra large rating just like the she had disturb her or him hence, when they don’t struggle, they failed to matter exactly who acquired.

Chapter 2 – Legend of one’s Revolution

Once Masaru’s defeat, the guy tries to matter if he was is really deceased otherwise not-saying that the brand new Monokuma Children’s declaration just informed your he was ‘captured’ by people. The problem are became as much as with the your when Monaca starts to evaluate Nagisa’s decisions so you can a keen adult’s, along with his teammates top together. They are up coming talked down of the Monaca, who manipulates him towards confessing their thinking, which will leave him also ashamed to keep. Monaca upcoming chooses to intensify Nagisa away from vice-frontrunner into Warriors’ new chief in lieu of Masaru.

Chapter step three – Adorable Women’s Battlefield

Adopting the Komaru and you may Toko’s just be sure to contact Future Base regarding greatest off Towa Tower, Nagisa delivers numerous Monokuma Babies towards an objective to pick where in actuality the grownups are hiding away, up coming concocts a plan to get rid of them in one single fell swoop so they are able its beginning to oriented Paradise. The guy reveals his plan to Monaca, Kotoko, and you may Kurokuma throughout their fulfilling and soon after delivers an excellent hoard away from Monokuma to take out brand new opposition foot.

When Kotoko is actually beaten, Nagisa comes just after this woman is conserved because of the Komaru and Toko. He begins by trying to explain to the two concerning the Warriors’ cumulative concern with people, in addition to cause of their hatred. He sees one, for as long as both female stay-in Towa Urban area, their vision from Paradise are not met, which results in his choice to let him or her wade. He shows their plan to boost the a few escape, demonstrating his severity by removing Komaru’s bracelet. Although not, an excellent Monokuma Boy suggestions all this and you can directs brand new films to Servant. Whenever Kotoko tries to realize him, Nagisa ends this lady, attempting to secure the woman regarding any kind of Monaca’s outrage into their disturbance from the online game.

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