Although, the new results regarding the studies render information towards the maxims out of just what it method for be “dark-skinned” against

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  • Although, the new results regarding the studies render information towards the maxims out of just what it method for be “dark-skinned” against

Although, the new results regarding the studies render information towards the maxims out of just what it method for be “dark-skinned” against

“light skinned,” it offers limits. The interviews was basically retrospective and thoughts played a critical character for the the fresh account mutual of the interviewees. Regardless of if exactly what interviewees remember is essential to the definition it attribute so you’re able to incidents they educated, the newest experts can not be sure of the newest veracity of those levels. Brand new sex and you will racial label of your head researcher just who conducted the fresh interview possess influenced the fresh new findings. Top honors researcher (JC) is actually a light-skinned men just who lives in new Northern from St. Lucia and people could have shared more guidance once they have been interviewed because of the men of the identical sex and you may skin shade name since on their own or by the somebody who lived in the new exact same district (select Liamputtong, 2008, 2013). Therefore, replications of the study using participant and you will researcher sex and facial skin-shade title matching during the interviews techniques is recommended. These replications you may provide further proof of the fresh new precision of your conclusions and you can facts about the fresh new character from epidermis-colors and gender identity inside researcher and you will fellow member interactions within the St. Lucian people. Additionally, top honors specialist made use of the societal relationships into the St. Lucian LGB groups so you’re able to enroll the fresh new take to that’ll prejudice the fresh new results (e.g., the fresh new sample becoming more homogeneous as compared to large target society, therefore the lead researcher becoming middle class and you may college or university knowledgeable). not, indeed it is difficult so you can generate an enormous and you may diverse take to out-of St. Lucian LGB anybody. Thus, replications on the data using more testing actions should render significantly more proof into level of generalizability of your results. However, because of the ethno-cultural variety of one’s research classification we had been in a position to draw to the many different different point of views to manufacture an even more nuanced membership and comprehension of the life issues regarding St. Lucian LGB somebody. Ultimately, although the studies was exploratory and its particular findings tentative he or she is in keeping with earlier search you to definitely hyperlinks negative personal enjoy in order to stress, anxiety and other kinds of mental worry.


Over the years, researchers have ignored brand new lives from low-white LGB anybody (Anderson, 2009, 2011; Fisher, 2012) and incredibly couples researchers have looked at particularly this new skills out-of Afro-Caribbean intimate minority people centered on the competition, ethnicity and sexual orientation. The modern investigation aligned to increase the experience with these problems because of the examining the skills off homophobia in the St. Lucia. Our very own research shown important facts experienced of the St. Lucia LGB somebody: brand new colour of LGB individuals’ surface-color shaped others’ threshold of their sexual orientation, and you will regionalized disparities exists in the number of tolerance into LGB someone. Although not, subsequent degree would be to grow with the LGB people that just weren’t depicted inside our data, also white LGB some body (and you will LGB folks from almost every other racial backgrounds). Concurrently, almost every other low-heterosexual all those who have knowledgeable homophobia unreported within this data, such as those that have a great pansexual and asexual label, may provide further insight into brand new socio-psychological knowledge away from homophobia into the St. Lucia.

Integrity Declaration

This new Institute away from Health insurance and Community assessed and you will approved the new steps for this investigation. Participants discover a development sheet and you may given its full accept to take part in this research.

Writer Efforts

JC created the research layout and you will strategy. JC did the data collection and studies and all experts chatted about the results. JC composed the initial write of your manuscript and you can BM and you will DW provided comments and you can modified the manuscript.

Argument of interest Report

The latest authors say that the analysis is actually conducted on lack of every commercial otherwise financial relationship that would be construed due to the fact a potential argument of great interest.

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