Azula harbored strong rational instabilities, thinking the girl mommy liked Zuko more their

Azula harbored strong rational instabilities, thinking the girl mommy liked Zuko more their

From inside the characters to their cousin Gina, Tony appears to be reveling inside the notoriety: He asks for duplicates of any newsprint tales she will see regarding the his case.

He doesn’t speak about guilt. The guy never states he is sorry. “A lot of what he writes on the,” she states, “is actually their book.”

A firebending prodigy, Azula sitio de citas de pescadores was sadistic, pushy, and enthusiastic about stamina. She is a talented strategist exactly who orchestrated new coup of Earth Empire funding, Ba Play Se, [6] [7] and you may stopped the latest attack at the time out-of Black Sunshine. [8]

[9] Elevated by their father from inside the a breeding ground instead of a parent-figure, Azula had to be little sub-standard within her father’s attention so you’re able to gain love and you will appeal from him. After the betrayal from the girl a few nearest family unit members Mai and you may Ty Lee, these instabilities have been brought up with the epidermis. [1] Upon the fresh arrival out-of Sozin’s Comet, Azula is actually soon are crowned Flame Lord; [10] although not, the lady overcome as a result of this lady brother Zuko and you will Katara triggered the lady so you can sustain a complete intellectual description. [11]

Following her psychological malfunction, Azula was set up a mental health studio to recuperate, [12] although she fundamentally entered Cluster Avatar to their check for Ursa, within their wonders plan in order to betray him or her and you can usurp the newest throne regarding Zuko. At this quest’s end, although not, Azula fled the latest team’s oversight.

Sometime immediately following the woman exile, Azula returned to brand new Flame Nation Financial support for the magic. That have ultimately recognized one to she’d not Flames Lord, Azula turned so you can manipulating Zuko in order for she could rule using your. Gathering a team of lady followers, she took on the brand new guise of one’s mythical Kemurikage in order to intimidate Ukano towards harmful Zuko. Whenever that were unsuccessful, Azula and her supporters resorted to kidnapping children regarding the financial support, means the metropolis towards the municipal unrest. Even if Zuko with his allies were able to save yourself the kids, Azula and her supporters fled.

Very early childhood

Little princess Azula came into this world to help you Prince Ozai and you can Little princess Ursa during the 85 AG and you can was named after this lady paternal pops, Flames Lord Azulon. [13] Azula grew up using money, grandeur, and you can benefits away from royalty on the Flames Nation. Her sharp wits and also the fact that she try a firebending prodigy attained the woman great attention and you may acclaim, and this easily generated the woman Ozai’s favourite kid. [2] This lady dad began raising their since the his true heir of a keen initial phase, bringing the girl with the his count on and you will teaching this lady inside the government. Azula afterwards attended the fresh new Regal Flame Academy for girls, in which she met and you may befriended Mai and you will Ty Lee, a couple of girl off Flame Nation noblemen. [14] One of the reasons the princess chose them because family relations try as one or two female possessed experience one to she failed to, and thus she invested part of the lady adolescence reading these overall performance from their website. [15]

Despite the increased tensions within family relations with the father’s favoritism regarding Azula, cohesion and you can tranquility remained good among the younger loved ones throughout the Azula and you may Zuko’s young people; such as for instance, the two manage often reenact the final duel of Love between the Dragons immediately after enjoying the brand new enjoy throughout their regular holidays within Ember Island. Each other sisters joyfully appreciated such memories ages afterwards. [16] However, as they expanded more mature, the siblings at some point grew aside.

Breaking down connection with Zuko and you may Ursa

No matter if Azula are certainly well-liked by Ozai, she believed that their mommy loved Zuko alot more than just her, creating a rift out of jealousy between their and you will Ursa and you can Zuko. Experienced each day with this particular mommy/boy bonding, Azula often attempted to obtain Ursa’s appeal for some reason. not, such efforts always led to friends quarrels. Around 94 AG, Azula stepped together mommy and you can brother throughout the royal lawn. Impression ignored and bored stiff, once the Ursa only spoke that have Zuko, Azula ignited a flower, prompting Zuko to share with on her behalf to help you Ursa. Ursa scolded Azula to own disrespecting the newest regal lawn, however the princess merely mentioned that this new flower “earned it”, as it had not person to the girl taste. Inside the retaliation to possess telling for her, Azula burned Zuko’s base, getting in touch with your an effective tattletale. Yet not, Ursa on time delivered the lady to this lady place. Scowling over which cures, Azula stormed away from. [16] Moments in this way turned into normal occurrences, and for that reason, Azula put up an increasingly hostile emotions towards the Zuko and Ursa.

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