Azula’s trait bluish flame displayed the advantage she possessed and constantly looked for to increase

Azula’s trait bluish flame displayed the advantage she possessed and constantly looked for to increase

The woman shortage of compassion and additionally taken into account her capacity to carry out and you will lead lightning, the fresh new “cold-blooded fire”. [19] According to Iroh, the fresh experience called for done control of most of the feelings, which may not show burdensome for Azula together you to-song attitude. [40] From all of these feel, she has also been an excellent tactician, daily showing smart, impression, and ingenuity you to definitely allowed the woman to take advantageous asset of whichever state. She had an excellent mind-manage, against off A lot of time Feng and you may deceiving him when kept captive, [7] and may lie having a level deal with and no actual reactions. [8]

Even when she relatively frowned into Zuko all through its entire relationship, thinking of your because a deep failing and you may whiny son just who never stood upwards getting themselves or even to the woman specifically, there had been moments whenever her opinion off him appeared to increase temporarily

Ironically, for everyone the girl refinement and thinking-depend on, Azula did retain particular low self-esteem. Right down to the lady sequestered lifetime of royalty, she had build a lot of personal ineptitude, especially in their suspicion out-of ideas on how to work around males, and you may she seem to intimidated them while in the discussions. Regardless if attempting to flirt which have Chan, the girl domineering and megalomaniacal character manifested in a way that disconcerted your and caused their recession. [9]

The girl extremely aggressive characteristics emerged throughout the a kuai pastime, and you can she later accepted their envy more how much focus Ty Lee received of others

Through the this lady coup at the climax away from Ba Play Search engines fall, she are its happy from the Zuko’s choice to aid the lady, musing you to Zuko got usually supposed to be a beneficial Prince out-of the brand new Flames Nation fighting of the her top. Nearly shortly after, however, their doubt to combat Katara caused this lady disdain to help you epidermis, considering your while the worst and weak getting enabling himself feel goaded thus without difficulty. However, when Zuko displayed doubts on the his measures in helping get Ba Sing Se but betraying Iroh, she its performed think that he had completed his best conclusion, if you are at the same time impression embarrassment towards the simple fact that he may not see the significance of just what their actions entailed. [41] Azula are never happy with exactly what she got, constantly striving for much more. Shortly after overcoming Ba Sing Se, she enacted it onto an effective puppet ruler for use from the Flame Nation. Whenever she are skeptical you to definitely she had very been able to destroy the newest Avatar, she let her sis make the borrowing from the bank with the imagined destroy, confident he understood a way that Aang could endure you to definitely she did not. She are constantly making an application for far more to try and fill what she lacked, however it is actually never ever adequate. In a manner, she is actually a man in place of a finishing line.

Later, Azula started to inform you signs of a fine mindset. For everybody of this lady thinking-warranty, she was momentarily determined on an outrage when Mai deceived this lady from the enabling Zuko to flee and you can admitted to loving him alot more than just she dreaded Azula. Because the Azula gone to live in struck the lady off, she are, in turn, briefly paralyzed from the Ty Lee. Immediately following her relatives was apprehended, the brand new upset princess ordered both to be secured out and you may “leftover so you can rot”. [8] Although it is obvious you to Azula kept herself into the higher value over the girl family relations, its abrupt betrayal drove their into edge for a simple, hinting at just exactly how unpredictable she’d after be. [1] Which betrayal affected this lady a whole lot one she missing the lady normally chill attitude, due to the fact evident whenever she later on assaulted the fresh new West Heavens Temple. She was unpredictable and you can maniacal, certainly trying release the lady thoughts by trying eliminate her sis.

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